Land Rover Above and Beyond

Explore the unique marriage between heritage and innovation that distinguishes every vehicle bearing the Land Rover badge.


The Land Rover Story

The year is 1947. A man sketches the silhouette of a car in the sand of a Welsh beach. Tough, intrepid, it goes on to change history, mastering all manner of terrain and capturing hearts around the world.

Decades of innovation have taken us Above and Beyond. We’ve navigated uncharted territory with a firm grasp of where we started: the unique marriage of capability and composure, which distinguishes every vehicle bearing the Land Rover badge.


Origin of the Species

In 1947, Maurice Wilks made a sketch in the sand that launched a worldwide legend of capability, strength and innovation. His son recounts his legacy.


Our Adventures


The Silk Trail

On August 22nd 2013 three Range Rover Hybrids set off from the UK on the ultimate engineering sign-off test the legendary Silk Trail. 13 countries and 53 days later they successfully arrived in Mumbai having encountered some of the toughest roads in the world. This was the first ever successful hybrid expedition along the Silk Trail.

Through challenging conditions, three Range Rover Diesel Hybrid prototypes proved themselves as the most capable hybrids in the world by tackling the legendary Silk Trail.

In an extreme engineering validation test, they set off from Land Rover's UK home at Solihull to drive the 16,800km extended Silk Trail, arriving in Mumbai, India, 53 days later. The mission took the vehicles through Europe and into Central Asia, passing the mythical Silk Trail cities of Bukhara and Samarkand on their way to the ultimate challenge – the Himalayas.

In the high altitudes of the Tibetan plateau, the Range Rover Hybrids entered a technical unknown. Pushed into thinning air at 5,000m, the reduced atmospheric pressure challenged engines and cooling systems, and the Land Rovers’ occupants too. More than a third of the 14-strong group suffered headaches, and two needed bursts of oxygen. But the Hybrids revealed an advantage. Their electric motors were able to counter the efficiency-diminishing effects of low oxygen faced by internal combustion engines.

On arrival in Mumbai, these heavily laden, hard-driven Hybrids returned an impressive 15.5-15.7km/l (36-37mpg), confirming that the Range Rover Hybrid is as robustly tough as any other Land Rover – a magnificent off-roader ready to take on any challenge.



And this is the vehicle that launched them. Chase the millionth Discovery off the production line and on to Beijing in this transcontinental voyage



The Range Rover Sport takes on Earth’s largest sand desert. Watch Spanish off-road racer Moi Torrallardona set the new speed record for crossing the Empty Quarter in a production ready SUV.



Driving a Discovery through the forbidding mountains of northern Albania, you realise it’s not such a small world. With the right mindset, experience and equipment, you’ll find yourself in the driver’s seat of an exhilarating adventure.

Ever dream of going on a proper adventure? Heading out to discover new lands and experiences? We do. So, with a Land Rover Discovery, we set out to find the least explored valley in Europe.

In the Accursed Mountains of northern Albania, deep in the valleys below Europe’s southernmost glaciers, you forsake electricity, shops and modern conveniences, but you find honour, warm hospitality and staggering natural beauty.

Albania is 77 per cent mountain and Land Rover’s Terrain Response makes light work of the rough, rock-strewn tracks that weave and corkscrew up into these peaks. In the valleys, you’re greeted by local people who live by a strict code of hospitality – one that is very welcome when you have spent a day tackling snow, ice, swollen rivers and rock fall in your Land Rover. Discover how we handled the tough terrain and who we met along the way…


Our Heritage

In 1955, six undergraduates set out from London in two Land Rovers on an epic expedition into the unknown. The destination was Singapore and the prize was a place in history. One of the team, Tim Slessor, shares his memories of how the trip came together.

It would be one of the longest of all overland journeys: halfway around the world, from the English Channel to Singapore.

As undergraduates we had no money, no cars, no nothing. Like much else in 1950s Cambridge, the idea had its genesis late one evening over gas-ring coffee. I had gone along to Adrian Cowell’s room for a nightcap; presently he started dreaming – out loud. How about putting together an expedition to drive to Singapore? Crazy? Maybe. But why not? After all no one else had done it. We could be the first.

We got out an atlas. We roughed out a route. We guessed at mileages. We talked long into the night. And that, more or less, was how the expedition was born or, more accurately, how it was conceived.

The team came together almost before we knew it. First aboard was cameraman Antony Barrington Brown (always known as BB). Next up was Henry Nott, secretary of the University Motor Club. Then there was Pat Murphy, navigator and visa-negotiating diplomat.

Then we had the idea of recruiting someone from Oxford: we reasoned that, if we ever got those two cars, we could have one painted light blue and the other dark blue. The resulting media interest would massively multiply our chances of getting sponsorship.

A posse was despatched to the Other Place. It returned with Nigel Newbery who became our quartermaster and second mechanic. Adrian who after all had provided the initial spark, was already our “busyness manager” – cashier, accountant and secretary. Now, first with a letter and then in a visit to Birmingham, he set about persuading the Rover Company that we were capable of pulling off a journey that was, according to some, quite impossible.

But, as Adrian pointed out, if against all odds we did make the first “overland to Singapore” journey, the publicity for Rover would be, well, considerable. A few days later, Rover wrote to say that they understood the logic of Adrian’s proposal. Celebrations – and then some!

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